Sunday, February 6

Somebody needs a geography lesson...

I am the first to admit that geography is far from my strongest subject. However, a letter I recently received from Sean Parnell, the Governor of Alaska, makes me wonder if I don't give myself enough credit.  While I know that he did not send this out himself, I would hope that he was aware what mailings went out on his behave and cared about what kind of image these mailings portrayed .

So you can see what I am going on about, here is an image of an excerpt of the letter:

One could argue that the world hasn't gotten smaller, but saying that Alaska is a neighbor of Massachusetts has to make me question a person grasp of US geography.  So, Governor Parnell or whoever is responsible for communicating on his behalf, please crack open an Elementary School Geography book before sending out you next mass mailing.  Sincerely, your countryman,  fellow US resident, possibly even your fellow nature lover, but sorry to say not your neighbor - Manny

Well, that is the end of my mini rant and while it is focused on this mailing from Governor Parnell, my issue is with marketing that seems to have little regard for the intelligence of the American public. So what pushes your buttons?  I'd like to hear.  -z1p

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